Proofreading Service


Proofreading is a crucial step of the editing process. Even the most experienced authors can review their manuscripts and see what they meant to say and not what’s actually on the page. Proofreading not only lends a fresh outlook on your manuscript, it also checks for sentence structure, spelling and grammar mistakes, and syntax errors. Don’t skip this important step which will purge your work of unnecessary errors.



Not to be confused with proofreading, copy-editing is a more in-depth correction of a manuscript. A good copy-editor will check for spelling, punctuation, grammar inconsistencies, correct word usage, sentence structure, and many other issues that can bog down your book.

Traditional publishing houses pass every book through vigorous rounds of copy-editing and proofreading. Don’t let mistakes and errors result in unsavory reviews that can damage your reputation. Readers refrain from purchasing books with too many errors. A good copy-editor can veer your reader’s attention to the storytelling and get your message across without distracting mistakes.