I’m So Confused!



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Being in a writing coma can feel exhilarating. Words are flowing and your mind won’t let you take a break for fear of losing all those fantastic thoughts. As great as it feels, when you scan over the frantic musing of a story-driven mind, you realize you’ve misspelled, or confused quite a few words. Here is a list of words that sound alike but have different meanings.

  • Accept/Except
  • Affect/Effect
  • A lot/ Alot
  • All ready/Already
  • Altogether/All Together
  • Apart/ A part
  • Breath/Breathe
  • Compliment/Complement
  • Passed/Past
  • Than/Then
  • Their/There/They’re
  • Through/Threw/Thorough/Though/Thru
  • To/Too/Two
  • Who/Which


ACCEPT-to receive
ex: Please accept my apologies.
EXCEPT-to take or leave out
ex: She ate all the M&M’s except for the brown ones.

AFFECT-to influence
ex: His asthma affects his breathing.
EFFECT-n., result, v., to accomplish
ex: Pollution has an adverse effect on the environment.

A LOT (two words)-many.
ALOT (one word)-Not a word but often used mistakenly.

ALL READY-prepared
ex: We were all ready when to go.
ALREADY-by this time
ex: I was already late.

ex: Altogether, they did a great job.
ALL TOGETHER-gathered, with everything in one place
ex: We were all together for thanksgiving dinner.

APART-to be separated
ex: Our friendship ended because we grew apart.
A PART-to be joined with
ex: The chimney was a part of the house.

BREATH-noun, air inhaled or exhaled
ex: He took a breath of fresh air.
BREATHE-verb, to inhale or exhale
ex: the ventilator helped me breathe.

COMPLEMENT-noun, something that completes; verb, to complete
ex: Her shoes and purse complement the dress she wore.
COMPLIMENT-noun, praise; verb, to praise
ex: I compliment my daughter for her great grades.

PASSED-verb, past tense of “to pass,” to have moved
ex: The train passed through the tunnel at lightning speed.
PAST-belonging to a former time or place
ex: Who was the past owner of this car?
ex: I went past the blue car.

THAN-use with comparisons
ex: I would rather sleep than go to work.
THEN-at that time, or next
ex: I went to work, and then I went back to bed.

THEIR-possessive form of they
ex: Their house was on fire.
THERE-indicates location
ex: There goes my train.
THEY’RE-contraction for “they are”
ex: They’re waiting for the next rain.

THROUGH-by means of; into or out of
ex: He pushed right through the barrier.
THREW-past tense of throw
ex: He threw the ball into the net.
THOROUGH-careful or complete
ex: We thoroughly examined the evidence.
THOUGH-however; nevertheless
ex: He could lift a lot of weight though he was really small.
THRU-slang for through

ex: I went to school today.
TOO-also, or excessively
ex: I had too much fun.
TWO-a number
ex: Two people were left in the class.

WHO-pronoun, referring to a person or persons
ex: Who left the door open?
WHICH-pronoun, replacing a singular or plural thing(s); not used to refer to persons
ex: Which pen did you use?
THAT-used to refer to things or a group or class of people
ex: I bought that chair to match the others.